Residential Log Cabins

The Cheshire Log Cabin

10m x 4m One Bedroom Log Cabin

The Grayham Log Cabin

11m x 6.8m Three Bedroom Log Cabin

The Snowdon Log Cabin

8m x 4m One Bedroom Log Cabin

The Oxford Log Cabin

8m x 5m One Bedroom Log Cabin

The Kent Log Cabin

12.5m x 6.8m Three Bedroom Log Cabin

The Eddington Lodge

9.8m x 6.8m Two Bedroom Log Cabin

Factory Finished Windows and Doors

Residential IV68 windows and doors built to a high standard and treated before assembly allows complete protection against the elements.

Wall Logs

All our timber is carefully selected and is slow grown spruce from sustainable sources.

Breathable Membranes

Breathable membranes are used to increase the insulation properties still allowing the building to breath and to control the build up of condensation.

Roofing Shingles

Bitumen roofing shingles are an excellent roof cover protecting the building for over 15 years, available in Black, Green or Red.


Insulation comes in a wide range of materials from foil backed to standard rock wool and is selected during the design process to ensure the building performs to the relevant regulations you require.

Residential Gallery

Take a look at some of our projects from past years built by our outstanding teams and get some inspiration.
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