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Hobby Rooms

We offer a chance for you to design your very own log cabin layout with bespoke specifications. Tailored to suit your favorite hobby, our builds will enable you to do what you love on tap! Our processional team will be able to help you with exactly what you need to get the maximum potential from your dream building.

Personalized Visualizations

Are you struggling to see what you could be missing out on? Send us some pictures of your desired location and some details on the end goal and allow us to give you an accurate vision to give you some peace of mind your making the right decision. 

Our in house CAD team can show you your unique building in the garden and in conjunction with internal layouts and designs if thats what you require.



Most buildings start as an idea… We at Beaver Log Cabins pride ourselves in bringing those ideas to life!

Click start to begin to design your own Log cabin with 6 simple steps.


Log Cabins can be the perfect solution to extra space to your home. If its space you need, a quiet escape, a hobby room or maybe a garden bar this is the answer!

We also offer Beaver Log Cabins Residential capabilities being able to fully comply with building regulations giving you a chance of a much more cost effective home with the looks to go.  


  • Free delivery in England and Wales
  • Roof and Floor Insulation options
  • 12 month warranty
  • Double glazed windows and doors as standard 
  • Includes Safety glass as standard
  • 5 lever locks on doors as standard
  • 19mm floor boards
  • 19mm roof boards
  • Pressure treated floor bearers


If your going to be using your Log Cabin all year round, considering insulation would be a smart idea. It will keep your garden retreat warm in the winter and cool in the summer providing you with maximum comfortability.

Insulation comes in a wide range of materials from foil backed to standard rock wool and is selected during the design process to ensure the building performs to the relevant regulations you require.


28mm Logs – These are perfect for smaller buildings like summerhouses and even sheds if your looking for the superior properties of a log cabin.

44mm Logs – Used in buildings that you would be spending more time in like a garden office.

70mm Logs – Seen on big buildings like residentials the extra thickness gives insulating properties in itself.

90mm Logs – Exeptional structural aspects for the biggest projects!

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