Cheshire Stables -
The Professional Range

This stable is the highest quality and value in its class across the globe! You wont find the level of durability, versatility, longevity, and strength for the money anywhere else. Unrivaled we say.

You can have as many blocks as you want with many variants of front panels. You can also have it in an L, U or a C shape, perfect for creating your dream yard.

Heavy Duty Framing

4 x 2 framing used on all panels as standard. This gives the building a massive structural and longevity boost. The roof purlins are 6 x 2 for zero roof sag, like you may get from our competitors. 

3D Modeling

We are here to make your decision an absolute! The knowledge of our sales team, an amazing show site and the ability to show you, the customer, exactly what your looking at with a live 3D model all gives you total peace of mind. Just being in the know about if you’ve made the right decision gives you a stress free experience when buying from us.

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