6.5m x 5m Snooker Room



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Snooker Room

Log Cabins can be the perfect solution to extra space to your home. But also make perfect space for your hobbies!

Practicing your snooker game can become a chore having to travel to your nearest club every other day only to be met with the disappointment of all the tables taken for the night. We are offering you the perfect solution. With more than enough space to keep your stance and cue action on point, this log cabin literally made for the job. Whether your practicing for the Masters or want to finally be able to beat that one friend who always wins out of pure luck this space will able you to transform your game.

This is designed to standard requirements for cueing space. If there is anything more you want out of your practice room, like a bar for a complimentary drink, you’ll want to discuss increasing size with our team.

Be aware… Can cause jealousy!


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Beaver Log Cabins

6.5m x 5m Snooker Room

Original price was: £14,304.00.Current price is: £11,920.00.

Free delivery in England and Wales

12 month warranty

All timber is Slow Grown from Sustainable Sources

All Prices Including VAT

Extra for Install over 35 miles.

Our Log Cabins

Doors & Windows

Factory finish doors and windows made with superb quality laminated wood with weather strips, handles, and adjustable door hinges


Doors and Windows all come with multi-point locking systems for extra security.

Toughened Glass

All doors and windows come with toughened glass.Double glazed as standard when 44mm or thicker log walls.

Pressure Treated

Floor bearers all come pressure treated to protect your building against rot.

Nordic Spruce

Made from Nordic Spruce sourced from sustainably reforested areas in Norway and Sweden. These trees are slow grown in a cold climate to allow density to form in the timber giving the finished logs superior strength and durability.

39 Years Experience

With our experience in timber buildings, we are passionate about providing the very best quality without compromising the valued level of customer service we are well know for!

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