24ft x 12ft Fixed Double Shelter


Double Shelter Specification

All panel frame work is fully pressure treated – 3 x 2 CLS timber (Ex50mm x 70mm)

Cladding is Ex 19mm thick nominal shiplap pressure treated for long life performance.

Roof purlins 4 x 2 CLS (Ex50mm x 100mm)

FREE Roof Light in each 12ft box (Including steel roof).

Black Onduline Classic roofing cover with a 15 year life expectancy.

The internal kick boarding up to 4ft as standard with sterling board.

Apex roof with 3ft overhang to the front of the double Stable.

Height to ridges is 10ft and 7ft wall height.


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Cheshire Stables

24ft x 12ft Fixed Double Shelter


  • Ex19mm x 125mm T&G Cladding
  • Ex 50mm x 75mm Framework
  • Ex 100mm x 50mm Roof purlins
  • Glavanised fixtures and fittings
  • Cladding treated brown as standard
  • Onduline classic roof sheets
  •  Unique door prop plate anti chew 
  • 11mm OSB3 kick boards
  • All Prices Including VAT
  • Exclude Delivery and Installation POA.

Additional boarding under roof overhang to match the external cladding of the stable

Black plastic 110mm round guttering and full length downspout

Full lining to the eaves inside the stable with 11mm OSB3

Steel door post covers for protection around the door frame

8ft Galvanised Steel Gate and Fittings

Box section steel roof for superior strength, stability and longevity. anthracite grey with anti-condensation.

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