Mobile Stables

Our Mobile buildings come with a heavy duty steel skid frame, which spreads the load evenly across wider surfaces giving greater weight distribution and impressive mobility. In most cases, mobile stables do not require any form of planning permission and can be a great way to avoid the lengthy process of gaining such permission. 
All mobile buildings will need to be anchored down to the ground after installation to prevent damage during strong winds, we can provide this service if required by ordering steel ground anchors. 




80mm x 40mm Box Section Steel Skids

High Grade Metal Paint as Standard.

Ground Anchors

Up-to 840mm long, the twisted steel anchors keep your building well planted in the field in heavy storms.
Highly recommended in open fields where there is no cover and areas prone to strong winds.

Moving Your Building

Moving a mobile stable to another location in the field is never a straight forward job there are many factors that need to be addressed before attempting to move your building.

• Always use towing straps or chains longer than 3m

• How long has the building been static as this can result in the stable sinking into the ground?

• If stuck in the ground do not force the building to move, lifting and propping the building clear of ruts is a must prior to doing so.

• Is the vehicle suitable to move the stable?

• The Field must be DRY and not water logged.

• Ensure the path is clear and level.

• Always have additional help to keep a watch over all sides of the building to ensure no panels are fouling on the ground.

• If the building is not moving additional bracing may be required to strengthen the building.

Proud Sponsors of Cheshire Polo Club

Cheshire Stables are proud sponsors of the Cheshire polo club pony lines, supporting such a great club that has been around since 1952.

2023/24 Principle Partner of The Royal Cheshire County Show

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