Design your own Log Cabin

The possibilities are endless. You can start with one of our standard buildings and adapt it to suit or simply start from scratch using a blank shell.

Our 3d Log cabin Configurator allows you to:

Choose from 28mm, 44mm and 68mm wall thickness

Click and drag the walls to your desired size

Choose your roof style and roof cover, shingles or EPDM

Add a timber floor in the options if required

Have your cabin factory painted, select your colour

The Log Cabin configurator has 6 simple steps to create your perfect building with many options and possibilities.

Once designed you will be greeted with:

  1. A quotation with all costs broken down
  2. Floor plan with all sizes and heights
  3. 3D Model of your building
  4. Option to use the augmented reality experience

Or if design and architecture isnt on your side, have a look at our designs made with expertise and the customer in mind. Click Here 

You could also take a look at our gallery for some inspiration. Click Here

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