Do you have a showsite?

Yes you can view our buildings at our showsite in Winsford,Cheshire, CW7 3BS. We are open 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday and open 10am – 4pm on Staurdays, everyone is welcome even the dog.

Do I need to paint my building after installation?

In most cases, yes. Log cabins need painting within 2 weeks of installation. For Sheds and Stables all materials we use are pressure treated. We still recommend something additional as a shield to protect against the sun and rain.

Can you provide groundworks for my building?

Ground work for Log cabins and stables is best carried out by a local builder as this will be more cost effective. Small flag bases for sheds can be ordered with your building by contacting us via a phone call to discuss the chosen area.

We will provide all dimensions, plans and required specifications so you can relay these onto your chosen contractor.

Is the timber you use from sustainable sources?

All the timber we use is souced carfully and only from sustainable sources where new trees are planted for every tree taken allowing the forests to re-generate and promote fresh growth. We are also very carfull with any waste that is produced. Nothing ends up in landfill all waste produced is re-puposed in some way from burning fuel to donations to local charities like Men in Sheds to build small items like bird boxes.  

Is the timber you use of a high quality?

All of our timber is supplied from the northern hemisphere where the climate is much better suited to grow at a much higher quality than it would be from the UK. They are left to grow much longer giving the timber grains time to contract and tighten making it much better suited to use in construction. 

If you would like to delve deeper into this controversial topic, see our blog post.

Can I order online?

Ordering online is safe and simple. All orders will be followed with a call from one of our friendly sales team to discuss access and any special features you may require. 

Which of your products are suitable for self build?

All of our products can be delivered for self assembly, we do recommend using our professional in house installation teams as this is what they do for a living and carry all the required professional tools and equipment required.

If self assembly is still your preferred option we will provide as much information, plans and support that will be required.

Do I need to do anything before my building arrives?

Preperation is important when it comes to Timber buildings. Please ensure there is a suitable area for the delivery vehicle to park and ensure access to the garden is clear. Please be aware all balance payments have to be cleared before unloading. This is best to ensure payments are made the day before installation or delivery.
Make sure that the foundation is suitable, clean and clear.

Someone will need to be onsite at all times and available to sign off the work on completion.

What foundation do I need and why?

Having a strong, level and square base is of upmost importance if you are wanting to get the most out of your garden building. Everything we supply is built to be installed square and level so putting it on a good base will make it a dream to go up, adjustments minimal (if any) and will last to its full potential.

What type of foundation you need is dependent on the type and size of building but also where in your garden it is placed. If your desired location is flat then a concrete base would always be the best option. However if your keeping costs as low as possible then a flag base. This can be done by our installers, and may be a preferred option. If you want your building in an area where its sloped or needs to be elevated, then a timber frame base is perfect for the job. This can also be supplied and fitted by us.

What type of paint do you reccommend for Log Cabins?

It is extremely important to protect your Log Cabin from the elements. As a large investment you want your building to last many years.
We recommend using a quality product such as Sadolin Superdec and follow the instructions on the tin.
Sadolin can be purchased on-line from Sadolin Superdec Opaque Wood Protection (decoratingwarehouse.co.uk)

Do I need planning permission?

Generally for a garden building its no, as long as these simple rules are followed you’ll more than likely be fine!

Being within 1m of a boundary wont matter unless the building is over 2.5m. The building must not be more than 30m² and not take up more than 50% of your garden. Also as long as the building isn’t being used to run a business you should be left alone.

What wall thickness will I need on my Log Cabin?

A wall thickness best suited to you is dependent on what your using it for. The thicker the walls the lower the u-value. This is a measurement for heat transfer though materials. The lower the u-value the less heat transfer that will occur. If your intention is to use it as a garden office or a place you’ll be spending a good amount of time in, thicker walls will be better suited by keeping you cooler when it’s hot, or warmer when it’s cold.

Why should I choose Pressure Treated timber?

Our pressure treated products offer an advanced protection against the the elements and deuteriation of your building. Its a process in which packs of timber go into a tank filled with the wood preservative. The air inside is then vacuumed out, which also draws air out of the timber itself, then intern forces the treatment deep into the grain creating a superior long lasting product.

What type of roofing should I order?

The roofing that you choose for your building depends on aesthetics and your budget. Felt is the cheapest option with a lifespan of around 10 years with the benefit of it being easily replaceable. Shingles are the most pleasing to look at with a tile effect and can last up to 20 years but are more costly.  Although much more resistant to the elements than felt, you may have to also pay to replace them if it ever comes to it. Another option would be EPDM rubber being a similar price to shingles and as easily replaceable as felt. The Lifespan of the rubber can go up and over 30 years.

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