Choosing the right size stable for your horses is crucial for their wellbeing and happiness.

The British Horse society recommends any horse to have a minimum of 12ft x 12ft and for the larger breeds 12ft x 14ft.
Ponies 10ft x 10ft and 10ft x 12ft for larger pony breeds.

All our standard buildings are 10ft to the ridge giving maximum headroom for your horse or pony,  with a 7ft door clearance.
Always take into account the layout of the stable like bedding position, nets etc as this will take up the internal space and will cause bedding to be disturbed more frequently if the stable is too small.

Raising the buildings onto brickwork will increase the overall height of the stables and prevent water ingress under the stable walls. We highly recommend a single brick course for fixed stables.

Stable Doorways

All our Stables have a standard 4ft wide stable door and as standard the door will be positioned on the left of the front panel, this plays a role when designing your stable block as doorways can clash and in some cases openings may need to be kept apart to prevent the horses contacting each other whilst in their stable, if contact is helps social well being as their social interaction plays a huge part of any horses life we recommend keeping the doorways apart and the simple solution of a talk grill will help your horses to have contact with minimal risk.


Ventilation is something to consider when choosing your buildings, although aesthetics is important sometimes sacrificing this can help keep your horses happier like leaving the roof overhang without any undercladding.

All roof sheets we use on our stables have a corrugated profile leaving gaps at each ridge of every sheet. This is ideal airflow and helps to remove moisture in the winter and heat in the summer.
Top doors are supplied with all our stables but these are rarely closed but is great ventilation for the stable, top doors can be added to any of the external panels giving extra ventilation or viewing for your horse to look out of and interact with other horses, this is a great option if the horse has to box rest as they have view of other horses grazing out, talk grills are also a great way to promote airflow through your stable block.

Storage and tack rooms

Choosing the right Tack and feed room plays a huge role in your wellbeing and helps keep things organized and tidy, if you intend to keep all your feed and tack together you will need to consider a larger area like a full 12ft x 12ft box, all doorways are 4ft wide so most hay bales will fit through them, if larger bales are used then double doors can be added.
Most tack rooms we supply are for individuals with 1 or 2 horses and usually a 12ft x 6ft Tack room is sufficient for this, in stable yards its wise to consider multiple smaller tack rooms with communal hay barns.
All tack rooms have a solid single 4ft wide door for security and have the roof truss cladded to prevent access through the roof section, this does prevent airflow in the roof space so the positioning of the tack rooms can play a role in the overall airflow of the whole building.

Corner Boxes

Corner stables can be a great way to add a larger stable box to any yard these are 16ft x 12ft as standard and have 2 x roof lights to let extra light in as they don’t have a window, this is where additional air flow solutions such as additional top door or talk grills will help as there is only the doorway and roof that will create ventilation.

Hay Barns

Hay barns are basically the same build as a field shelter the opening is 8ft wide for easy access for storage of hay bales and can have double doors fitted or a field gate.
Double doors will keep out the elements and add security to your barn but they are not crucial as some people like easy access to the hay barn and without doors it will add to the overall airflow of the building.

Roof Overhangs

Roof overhangs on our stables are 3ft with no posts and 4ft roof overhang with posts, having a roof overhang keeps out the weather from the stable doorways and windows which allows your horse to interact whatever the weather.
3ft is our standard overhang and gives just enough protection for not only your horse, it creates a perfect walkway undercover to keep you out of the elements when tending to the horses.
4ft Roof overhangs will give better protection but do require posts from the roof to the ground, the posts do add a great look to your buildings and also add additional strength as they are anchored to the ground.
Be aware these posts have to be in front of each stable doorway and can become a problem and get in the way.
Most builds the foundation of the building is usually much bigger than the building giving plenty of space at the front of the building to lead horses in and out, if there is only the same amount of walkway under the roof overhang then the posts usually cause issues and can be dangerous with lively horses.

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