Onduline Roofing

Choosing the right roof cover for your stables can be a challenge as there are many different types and specifications available, this is a basic guide to the two types of roof covers we offer at Cheshire Stables.

Onduline roof cover is the standard option from most stable manufacturers and is a lightweight, durable and cost effective solution with a life expectancy of approx. 10 years.
This roof cover has a bad reputation and is sometimes hard to convince people that Onduline is a suitable roof cover for stables, we get countless enquiries from existing stable owners to re-roof their stables due to Onduline sagging in the summer heat, this does and can happen if the product is installed incorrectly.
Things that cause this are for example the incorrect spacing of the roof purlins, not enough fixings used or the new one we are finding is the wrong product type, there are other cheaper products on the market that can look and feel like Onduline.
The best Onduline product to use is there Onduline Classic range as this is thicker and more durable than their own Onduline Lite version or other brands such as Corroline.
Onduline does come in three colors red, green and black, the most cost effective choice is black as this is a stock item for most suppliers.
Condensation can be an issue with any cold roof system (no insulation) and can cause water droplets to fall from the roof cover carrying a black tar like residue from the roof sheets, this is not harmful in any way but can leave marks on items that the water droplets land on inside the building.

Steel Roof Cover

Steel box profile roofing is an alternative solution to Onduline with a longer life expectancy up to 20 years.
The only draw back with steel roof sheets is the condensation, this can drive people mad with the amount of condensation that falls during winter mornings.
Condensation forms during colder months as moisture freezes to the underside of the roof sheets and when the morning sunlight hits the roof and it thaws out the water only has one way to go and that’s down into your stable onto your lovely dry bedding.
To help prevent this we have all of our roof sheets installed with an anti-condensation layer to the underside of the sheet, this does not completely stop condensation from forming but it allows the droplets to soak into the anti-condensation layer and most of the water disperses slowly throughout the day by vaporizing and with adequate ventilation is vented out of the building.   
The steel roof sheet we offer has a plastic outer coating in Anthracite grey, 0.5mm steel and anti-condensation layer.

Conclusion is that a steel roof is a superior option that can last twice as long but is more expensive due to the protective coating and anti-condensation layer (We would not recommend using steel roof sheets without either one of these features).
Onduline is a suitable roof cover if installed correctly and can save you money.

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