The true value of our sheds.

Shed Security

From a simple garden building that houses our lawnmowers to She sheds, Man Caves and Workshops, our garden sheds are a well-loved addition to our gardens. However, they can be an easy target for thefts due to the value of items we keep in there.

It’s easy to underestimate the value of your shed contents. You may not have a prized collection of classic cars or antiques in your garden shed – but things most of us have that a burglar would love include garden and DIY tools, sport and leisure equipment such as bikes, fishing equipment and golf clubs, and maybe even laptops and PCs, if you use your shed as an office!

The average household has over £1,200 worth of items in their shed so taking an inventory of your contents will help you work out the value of all these items, which may surprise you. While taking out insurance on your shed and its contents there are also more visual ways to deter theft.

Invest in a good, sturdy padlock or a pad bolt specifically designed for outbuilding security. These are all visible deterrents for would-be thieves. If you keep bikes in your shed, lock them with good quality bike locks too.

A shed alarm is also a good deterrent and can be purchased from most DIY shops and are easy to install, and simple to operate. An automatic security light that will respond to movement after dark and flood the area with light is a good option to protect both your shed and your home.

If you’re really concerned with the safety of your shed, it may be time replace your existing shed or even upgrade to a specially designed security shed. Have a look at our Shed Range and give yourself some peace of mind.

If you are looking for a more secure garden building to use as an office and workspace, have a look at our Log Cabin Range and our team will be happy to help you with this.

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