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How to make your garden sustainable.


Climate change is happening and it’s the responsibility of us all to help to protect the planet and by making your garden sustainable, you’ll be helping the environment and contributing to the push for sustainability worldwide. 
A few steps we can take to make our gardens sustainable are as follows:


Conserve Rainwater – Watering plants, especially from hoses, can be a huge drain on water supplies so, instead of using water from the tap, why not start watering your plants using recycled waterOne of the best and easiest ways to do this is to conserve rainwater.

Conserving rainwater can be as simple as putting a wide tub in your garden to collect the water when it rains. For a more effective way connect your rainwater collection tub up to your house or sheds guttering system. 

Plant a tree-Trees can be our secret weapon in the battle against climate change by collecting carbon dioxide and turning it into oxygen. Over their lifetime, they’ll eat up their fair share of CO2 and you’ll have contributed to the push for sustainability.

Grow your own Veg– For many of us, we don’t have money to buy a greenhouse or the space to start our own vegetable garden. Patio tubs and window boxes can be more than adequate for growing your own vegetables you just need to pick suitable varieties.

You won’t be able to have all kinds of vegetables at all times of the year, but you’ll feel great the first time you bite into something you have grown yourself.

Grow Pollen friendly plants– Wildflowers are particularly great, as they’re both pollinator-friendly and adapted for the UK climate. Varieties like Bluebells, foxgloves, and honeysuckle are good for keeping the bees happy which is very important as without them we wouldn’t have products such as strawberries, tomatoes and much much more.


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