Timber stables are an ideal investment for any equine facility whether it be for a hobby or a business, stables should give you years of protection for your horse. 

As stables are a huge investment you would want them to last as long as possible and to have peace of mind that they will deliver the best for your loved ones. 

The materials stables are built from can vary and this will have a huge impact on the quality, longevity, and the looks of your stables, At Cheshire Stables we have developed a way to ensure you are getting the best value for money and refuse to cut corners. 
All stables we build are built not only from the best quality materials but all materials are also sustainably sourced. 

Framework of your stable is hugely important and is the main structural element of the building, we have been using a 3×2 50mm x 75mm for over 10 years and have had no issues with the strength this delivers, that said there are stables built from larger timbers that will give a stronger feel to the building but this is where it gets technical, timber has different grades and types and this can be massively more important than the overall size of the timber. 

For example a 3×2 CLS timber is from a slow grown spruce tree trunk and the finished planned size is slightly less than the said 3 inch by 2 inch, in metric this starts out as a 50mm x 75mm but after machining this finishes at 38mm x 63mm. 

CLS timber is more commonly used in the construction industry due to its strength and grading of defects, this grading is called C16 or C24 the C stands for coniferous and the 16 is the bending strength (16N/mm²) it may be smaller but its from the best parts of the larger trees. 

Other timbers that can be mistaken for CLS are scant or carcasing timber these timbers are from the smaller trees and the branches and are lightly surface planed giving a more irregular finish, it does finish slightly bigger than CLS, that said scant and carcasing cant be used for construction where a specific structural grade is required because it has a tendency to warp and twist, therefore not a widely used timber for construction. 

Thickness of timber can play a big part for strength but there can be misconceptions when it comes to the type of timber that is used, a smaller C graded pressure treated 3×2 can provide a stronger stable than a non-graded un-treated 4×2. 

We only use pressure treated C graded timber to ensure a consistency of strength in every element of our construction, and this allows us to be confident in the overall structure of our buildings every time whether built from 3×2 or 4×2. 

REMEMBER the important things here are STRENGTH and LIFE SPAN, that’s why we ensure every part of the main structure of all our buildings are C rated for strength and pressure treated to last.   

So there we have it the answer is YES, 3×2 is strong enough for your stable as long as it’s sourced correctly. 

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