Heatwave coming up?

How to choose the right Playhouse.


With the suggestion of a heatwave due, there’s no better time to think about getting the kids outside.

A playhouse is a big purchase so obviously cost is always a factor in which playhouse to buy but it’s not just about that. Longevity and versatility are important considerations as is how much space it takes up and what it offers in relation to the age group you are buying it for.

Look for something that will grow with the children and that offers multiple options. In a child’s younger years having one that is versatile to use as a house or pirate ship etc.(whatever your kids decide the playhouse will be that day) is going to give years of fun. Imaginative play is a great way to develop social and problem-solving skills. However, once they get older it can still be usable as as a teenage den or chill out room.

A wooden playhouse can be an ideal option as it can offer all these things. It can be painted in bright colours to make it fun or to match a garden colour scheme. You can keep it interesting by painting it a different colour each year which as well as keeping the playhouse in great condition also gives children new ideas on how they use it.

Here at the CSGB Group our playhouses are built to order and can be customised to suit. Including upper floors, stable doors, and verandas. Click here to see our range.

 Once the children have grown up it can be a space used by the “grown-ups” or just as extra storage space.

If you would like some help choosing a playhouse or to discuss options, our friendly team are available by calling 01606 352352 or visit the Contact Page.

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