Can your garden and what you grow really make you Healthier?

After watching Alan Titchmarsh and Kate Garroway on ‘Love your Garden’ I thought I’d explore the idea of whether you could grow yourself well.

A herb garden is not only a place of beauty, but can also provide remedies to many ailments. Herbs such as peppermint can help relive indigestion and bloating, just put the fresh leaves in a mug of hot water and let them stand for 5 minutes before drinking. Lavender can be used to bring calm, relaxation and improve sleep. Hold lavender sprigs wrapped in a muslin cloth under the hot tap when running a bath for a relaxing soak. These are just 2 examples but there are many more.

Although herbs have been long since replaced by synthetic products, countries such as China still widely use herbs as medicine. However, if you’re ill or have a known condition, don’t self-medicate – go to a qualified herbalist or your GP to be treated.

Flowers and plants are powerful things and the impact of them can have an uplifting effect on our mood and wellbeing. There’s lots of blooms that can be eaten or put into teas for their health benefits, but just by tending to them in the garden and nurturing them can be a good practice of mindfulness.

Different colours generate different feelings and have different effects on our mood. Pink is known for its calming effects, while yellow inspires warmth and happiness. Red can stimulate confidence, passion, and courage, with green being a particularly grounding and peaceful choice. Planting something that holds a particular memory can also bring great pleasure and comfort.

As we all spend more time behind our screens and have increasingly busy lives, it’s important to get out into nature and to bring nature into our homes for all the benefits it brings.

If you would like to see how well you can grow want to maximise your chances of success, have a look at our potting sheds which can reside in your garden as the perfect host for your plants! Although we have a standard range we can build one to your own desired spec size and shape. View our Potting Sheds Here.

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