Summer is basically over and it’s time to put that summer furniture into storage again.

No one wants to have their garden furniture taking up space in their house, but the alternative if you don’t have a shed is to leave it out under a cover. There is nothing worse than getting to next summer, excited to get your garden furniture out the second you see the sun, only to find everything ruined. If you don’t store your garden furniture correctly it’s going to go mouldy or rusty. The colder seasons are customary to rain and although garden furniture is normally waterproof, it can still get damaged. You also have to consider the fabric furnishing such as pillows and toppers which definitely cannot be left out in the rain.

Here’s why a new shed will help you to prepare for Autumn!

Storage Solution

As we’ve already said, a shed provides a storage solution for all of your garden furniture, but it also provides storage for everything else you might not want left out during the winter. It’s usually best to store your BBQ away during the rainy seasons. Most BBQs tend to be quite large, and not something you can just tuck into a corner in your house. That’s why it’s best to have an outdoor storage solution.

Seasonal Rotation

Sheds are a great solution for season rotation. Once you have a shed, you will never want to be without one again. Do you remember those years when you had to climb into the attic only to remember how far back the Christmas tree was? Or maybe the arguments of deciding who was going to venture into the attic – usually Dad!

The best thing about a shed is having somewhere to house your seasonal stuff during rotations. No more will you need to venture into the attic on a wobbly ladder. Instead, just house everything in the shed until you need it for easy access.

Protects Your Equipment And Supplies

A shed provides a specific location for your important garden, woodworking, equipment, and supplies. Why not keep your lawnmower, rake, and shovel in one easy and accessible space? No one wants their costly equipment to rust or be damaged by neglect that comes with having “too much” in “too little” space. A new shed offers protection from neglect and the unpredictable UK weather!

Outdoor Living

Now we aren’t suggesting that you set up a whole living room in your shed. It’s likely going to be the base for everything you don’t want stored in your house. Though, it can be used as a place to enjoy your garden without having to sit in the rain. We know you could probably just watch your garden from the window, but sometimes it’s nice to be out enjoying it. Simply set up a chair and your favourite snacks and you’re good to go.

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