Considering investing in a mobile stable or shelter, but not quite sure if it’s right for you? Making any kind of investment can be a difficult decision, and investing in a mobile stable or shelter is no exception.

Mobile field shelters are quick, simple, sturdy, and versatile sheltering solutions for horses, goats, sheep, pigs, or even llamas. They are ideal for providing shelter from both the cold and heat, as well as restricting grazing when providing confinement following illness or injury.

We understand that you probably have some questions and want to consider whether a mobile stable or shelter is right for you. The good news is that we’ve got the answers for you, and we are sharing with you all of the reasons why you should invest in a mobile stable or shelter.

Here are the top reasons why you should invest in a mobile stable or shelter!

Complete Flexibility

The best thing about having a mobile stable or shelter is the flexibility that you get with it. Instead of a traditional stable or shelter that’s mounted to the ground, you are free to move it around your fields or paddocks as you please.

Moving your stable or field shelter allows you to rotate your fields and allow them to rest and recover..

Typically, No Planning Permission Required

Another great thing about investing in a mobile stable or shelter is not always having to deal with planning permission. We aren’t promising that you won’t need to gain planning permission, all projects need individual assessment. There are some scenarios, where 1% of cases do need planning permission, strict regulations will need to be met.


Our mobile shelters and stables are not your typical storage solutions you can buy from anywhere, they are durable and strong. We have been in this industry for over 20 years and have gained great knowledge of what a timber building should and should not be. We will only provide buildings that are fit for purpose and build everything to a high standard. We consider factors such as the weather and conditions that might affect the stability of your stable or shelter and keep these factors in mind during the design process.

Affordable Option

There is a lot less groundwork that needs to be carried out for a mobile stable or shelter. In comparison to a stable or shelter that is fixed to the ground, the building process is a lot smoother and it’s also a faster process. This means that the expenses are not as high. To build a traditional stable or shelter, you need to account for costs including planning permission, groundwork such as levelling and the installation of a solid foundation..

Fast Delivery

As we said before, there is a significantly less amount of work required to build a mobile stable or shelter. This means that they can be built on mobile steel skids and ready to use a lot faster than a fixed stable or shelter. The benefit of typically not having to apply for planning permission means that building can begin straight away and there is no delay waiting for everything such as groundwork to be completed.

About US

Cheshire Sheds and Garden Buildings Ltd (CSGB) are passionate about Timber buildings, we love what we do and pride ourselves in providing the BEST timber buildings money can buy, the reason we make this BOLD claim is that we have been in this industry for over 20 years.


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